About Gicleé Prints



Our Giclée process – the most advanced form of digital printmaking – is a remarkably flexible and effective means of reproducing art. As a relatively new printmaking technique, Giclée (pronounced ghee-clay) prints have captured the hearts of many artists. These prints provide unsurpassed color depth and life-like reproduction of the original artworks.The technical part of the process begins with a high quality, high resolution digital capture from the original art. This capture is then converted into digital form representing the several million cyan, magenta, yellow, and black pixels that will be printed. The image is viewed in a carefully calibrated graphic display where any necessary adjustments for color, contrast, and density is made to ensure that the print faithfully reproduces the original image. Using high quality inkjet printers, the image is then transferred to a specially selected archival watercolor paper. A series of custom proofs helps fine tune the image in preparation for printing.

A set of seven nozzles move across the heavy weight, archival paper. From each nozzle, a highly controlled, incredibly small stream of ink is directed at the paper. It takes approximately one hour to complete a 35”x46” sheet of printing. This fine art watercolor paper and ink set combination is tested by an independent research lab and rated with an archival life of 80+ years.

**Giclée prints must be treated with the same care as original watercolor paintings,

The presswork for Andrew Gordon Moore’s iris prints is done by:
Hunter Editions
PO Box 1130
Kennebunkport, Maine